The Health Warrior Way

 “How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?”

- Epictetus

Every day we’re presented with choices, opportunities to make decisions that either support or compromise our health. When we’re young and invincible we don’t think much about these choices: we do what feels good; we eat and drink whatever we want. We indulge most every impulse and are heedless of the consequences. We kick the can down the road.

But we get older and we run out of road. We catch up to the can.

I ran out of road in late 2013, on the eve of my 50th birthday. This is when I found out I had prostate cancer.

I knew I wasn’t ready for surgery and the impotence and urinary incontinence that could follow. So against the advice of my first two urologists I embraced a program of lifestyle changes promoted by experts in integrative medicine, including Dr. Geo Espinosa (my third and final urologist). Dr. Espinosa helped me see that even if my cancer advanced and surgery became unavoidable to save or prolong my life that dramatic changes in my lifestyle could help me regain my health and protect me from a whole host of other chronic illnesses.

It was at this point that I knew that I would leave no stone unturned in my search for strategies and tactics that could return me to optimal health.

I became a Health Warrior and paved a new road. I call that road The Health Warrior Way.

The Health Warrior Way is a set of eight lifestyle practices that I honed in early 2014, as an alternative to surgery. Some of these practices were based on Dr. Espinosa’s program, while others I had already incorporated into my life; still others I cultivated during my subsequent journey to wellness.

These practices now form the bedrock of my lifestyle. They delivered for me in my darkest hour, returning me to optimal health and providing me with a new conceptual framework through which to view life’s many challenges. They have strengthened my body, my mind and my spirit, and they can do the same for you.

But how do you know if The Health Warrior Way is right for you?

Are you looking for the latest fad diet so you can lose 20 pounds before your next high school reunion? Then The Health Warrior Way isn’t right for you.

Are you someone who blindly accepts the established wisdom of Big Medicine? Then The Health Warrior Way isn’t right for you.

Are you someone who isn’t open to exploring non-mainstream ideas like nutrition science or Ayurvedic medicine or cannabinoids? Then The Health Warrior Way isn’t right for you.

Are you someone that isn’t ready or able to grow, to adapt, to change? Then The Health Warrior Way isn’t right for you.

Are you someone that’s going to give up at the first sign of adversity or difficulty or discomfort? Then The Health Warrior Way isn’t right for you.

Are you someone that isn’t willing to dig deep for the motivation and discipline that will be required to undo years if not decades of unhealthy habits, choices behaviors and beliefs? Then The Health Warrior Way isn’t right for you.

The choice is yours. You could always wait until you’re diagnosed with a chronic illness. Maybe diabetes or heart disease runs in your family.

Are you willing to take that risk? Are you counting on good luck or good genes to spare you?

These are all options, but not ones that I recommend.

I recommend action. Decisive action.

Action that prepares you in mind, body and spirit for the inevitable effects of aging.

Action that delays, for as long as possible, the onset of age-related illnesses.

Action that prolongs quality of life as you age and which enables you to remain vigorous and active for as long as possible.

This is The Health Warrior Way.

You might be a bit overwhelmed. You might be asking, How am I going to make time for all of these Health Warrior Way lifestyle practices? I have a demanding job, a marriage/relationship that needs attention, kids that need rides to soccer/swim/band practice! And it’s the Golden Age of Television!

I get it. Life’s complicated. You have lots of things competing for your time. We all do. It’s the modern condition, unless you’re “lucky” enough to live off the grid, in the woods. Alone.

But your health isn’t a hobby. It isn’t even a job. It’s a calling; your health makes everything else possible.

Take it from me. Don’t wait until something threatens to take your health away – for good – before realizing how important it is.

Start your Health Warrior Way Journey today. There’s no time to waste.