Love Without Limits: A Meditation

I want to learn more and more to see as beautiful what is necessary in things; then I shall be one of those who makes things beautiful. Amor fati: let that be my love henceforth!
— Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science

It's easy to feel loving feelings toward those that are dear to us.

But can I expand the circle?

Beyond my children and parents, beyond lovers and siblings and bestest friends?

Can the circle be widened even further, to acquaintances and co-workers; the guy that may or may not over-charge me to keep my car running and the girl that remembers my coffee order (Americano, with extra room) every the morning?

Can I cultivate loving feelings toward those that have treated me poorly?

Those that have wronged me.

Those that have used me.

Those who are unaware or can't or don't think.

Those that have taken credit for my work.

Those that have tried to undermine me.

Those who don't know any better.

Can I summon love for those that I haven't met? Those I never will meet?

Those of other tribes, who don't look and sound and think and believe like me?

Can I broaden the circle wide enough to include love for all the creatures and the trees and the plants and even the rocks I share this planet with?

Can I love those who refuse to or are incapable of loving me back?

Can I love without expectation of anything in return?

Can I radiate love in all directions, at once? At all times?

Can I love without limits?

My goal is not merely to stop myself from doing and saying unloving things. I will, so long as I continue to do the work, stop myself from even thinking them.

I will banish negativity. I will be a force multiplier, amplifying love out into the world.

A love beacon.

For those who have turned their back on love.

For the wounded who have lost their faith in love.

For those who have lost hope that they'll ever find love.

For those who have never known love or have forgotten what love is.

For those who have never believed in love.

Each day I will practice filling every crack and crevice of my heart with love.

Where darkness used to hide, love will shine its light.

Where fear formerly would lodge, love will give it the boot.

Where anger once constricted and constrained, love will expand with infinite spaciousness and possibility.

Where the seemingly insatiable need to judge would cripple, love will lead me to acceptance.

There are no boundaries to love.

There are no time limits on love.

There are no preconditions to love.

There's only love.

Love without limits.